About this Site


My name is Robert Dunne and I live in Madison, N.J. This site began on July 18th 2001, and the domain was aquired on August 12th 2001. The name of the site is the name of a Los Angelas class submarine. It is the last of the L.A. class. I happen to be a submarine enthusiast. It was designed mostly in Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultra Dev4. It is best viewed with IE 5+ and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. Less than that you will get the side to side scroll bars, YUCK!
The main page has a screen grab from a movie with a quote, if you click on the pic, you will hear the quote. There is an archive of these located on the Cover Pic Archive page.
The Whats New Section on the left is anything that might have just been put up, if any other section has been updated, that title on the left will be in yellow.
I also have Fluorescent mineral pages which I started to collect within the last 4 years.
The Webcam section contains my webcam pic, and the portal contains people who have applied to be on the page with a link to their respective web page.
Next is the Flash Soundboards section, which contains clickable quotes and sounds from whatever might be featured. Instead of having separate files to listen to, it is all in one place. Try some!
The pic pages section contain event anb misc things that I have taken, either with my Nikon F5, my Olympus C700 digital camera or sometimes my Nikon Nikonos underwater camera. Photography is my main obsession. The one large section is the Fun Pics Archive page which contain a lot of clickable pictures of complete nonsence. Just a sample of my sense of humor.
The Games section has my weak attempt of making flash games, try one if you are really bored!
Old stuff contains my first attemps of making web pages, don't spend too much time there, I don't think I even checked the spelling on them.
The rest is pretty self explanetory!
The middle section contains any ramblings or recent happenings with my life. Often called a blog. I'm not into that as much, unless something a little more interesting has happened.